General Information:

  • Eritreans 18 years or above are required to obtain a national ID.
  • Children 17 years and younger born to Eritrean parents can obtain an Underage ID in lieu of a visa.
  • Eritreans 18 – 25 year old with no National ID can apply for a temporary ID in lieu of a visa but must also apply for a National ID.

ID Requirements:

Applications for Eritrean National ID must be completed at the Embassy of Eritrea . You must bring the following items:

  • Birth certificate (Copy)
  • Parent’s Eritrean National ID (Copies)
  • 8 Photos
    • Size: 35 x 45mm
    • White background
    • Centered and facing straight forward
    • Hair off your face so forehead and ears fully visible
    • Open eyes, closed mouth
    • Natural expression (no smile, laugh or frown)
    • Prescription glasses only
    • Only religious hats or scarfs are allowed
  • Passport (Copy of profile page)
  • Permanent Residence Card in the Switzerland.
  • Fees are nonrefundable