• Visa application form B62.3 fully completed and signed
  • Passport Photo (35 x 45mm )
  • Passport be valid at least six months beyond the dates of your trip.
  • Proof of residency or Permanent Resident or-Switzerland citizens.
  • Applicants 17 years and younger must present copies of birth certificates.
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover all expenses.
  • Applications must be signed by the Applicant or Parent/Legal Guardian in case of minors and children under 17 years old.
  • Requirements can change at any time.

Visa Form

Embassy of Eritrea
Cass Postal 85 ,1211 Geneve 20 Office Address Rue de Lausanne 80, 1202 Geneve 

FAQ – Visiting Eritrea

How long is my visa valid?

All visas are valid for three months from date of issue, i.e. your arrival date in Eritrea must be within three months of the date of issue.  Once you arrive in Eritrea, your visa is typically valid for one month but can be extended/renewed by visiting Immigration in Asmara.

I lost my Eritrean National ID. Do I need a visa when traveling to Eritrea?

Yes.  Everyone must present either their original Eritrean National ID or a valid entry visa upon entry to Eritrea.